When you think of traditional wedding and engagement rings, you probably immediately see "gold" since the standard metal used. However, times they're "a-changing", and gold is not really the most famous metal used by wedding and diamond engagement rings. Instead, both the most popular metal types are tungsten and titanium. From a purely aesthetic s… Read More

When it comes time for selecting and getting Christmas gifts, lots of people become very consumed with stress about trying to find the ideal present for those on their lists. Designer jewelry is a very easy place to turn for ideas though. Whether the body's more into stylish earrings or if she or he prefers shimmering, fashionable pendant necklaces… Read More

Radiant cut diamond engagement rings have become trendy styles of jewelry that continue to grow in popularity. Radiant cut loose diamonds were designed inside late 1970's and have become great tokens of love and affection purchased worldwide. There are many various cuts that make up the beauty that shines from over the room. Hence the name, these c… Read More

Today many couples are straying from traditional diamond rings and choosing non-diamond rings. With numerous choices for non-diamond engagement rings, a couple trying to find a non-diamond ring is unquestionably planning to discover the perfect diamond engagement ring one that is both affordable and beautiful. Non-diamond rings represent a large … Read More

Are you likely to propose to your girlfriend a little while this coming year? Of course if you are, you definitely have to purchase the correct type of diamond on her. But with a wide variety of types of diamond engagement rings to choose from, it could prove much more challenging than you first imagined. So so that you can help you make a more inf… Read More